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After applying online, a representative from JJ Best called to advise our credit scores were such that there would be no problem obtaining the financing we needed to acquire the classic/investment vehicle we were hoping to purchase. I explained that we had not picked a specific vehicle as of yet, we were only attempting to ensure funding would be available if and when we decided upon a

vehicle. I advised of the maximum amount we were looking for and that the actual purchase price may be less. I was told we could move forward with a pre approved amount and the loan committee would review the application. The funding would then be good for up to 60 days.

We would receive a call to verify the status within 24 hours.

That conversation took place on a Thursday. On the following Tuesday, after not hearing back from JJ Best as promised, I called to follow up. Now I am told that our debt ratio is too high, (funny, nothing had changed since I was told there would be no problem securing funding) but they would revisit the application, taking into account that a current auto loan is to be payed off soon. He would call back within the hour with the decision. Two weeks later I'm still waiting for that call.

Moreover, we applied to JJ Best, not the two other institutions they forwarded our application to without our knowledge or consent. Now, instead of one inquiry on our credit reports there are three. I am making an assumption, but it seems to me that if the debt ratio is too high for one lender it is no doubt viewed the same by others in the industry.

I realize there are lending guidelines that must be adhered to, so I do not begrudge them for not wanting to take the risk. However, I do not appreciate being lied to and ignored. If you promise me you are going to do something - do it. Even if it may seem that I may not like what you have to say, a promise is a promise.

There are other lenders out there specifically geared for this type of purchase. Based on our experience with JJ Best, I highly recommend anyone looking to obtain classic vehicle financing consider them.

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J. J.

Best Banc & Co. immediately notifies every customer by email, phone and/or mail on the decision of the application. J.J. Best Banc & Co.

maintains a database with a date & timestamp of every notification that is sent to the customer. If a borrower is denied, this notification will be sent to the email address provided on the application, which at times will end up in the “junk folder”, or will not reach the recipient if the email address was typed incorrectly on the application


jj best apologizes to these clients because what they is true good communication is crucial to good customer service if you say you are going to contact someone in a certain time frame you have to do it whether it is good news or bad today in the credit marketplace there is a constant flow of information before things were reported to the credit bureaus twice a month not anymore that is why a mortgage company pulls your credit again on the day of funding the loan officer sent you loan to a different bank because they all have different guide lines

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