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After finally finding the truck I've always wanted up for auction on Ebay, I turned to J.J. Best Banc for financing. Before placing my bid I applied and was almost immediatly "Approved." They even e-mailed me the loan contract and agreement. All I was told I had to do was sign the paperwork and get it notorized then send it back. Naturally, I was excited about this and placed my bid. Last night I won the vehicle in question only to find out today that J.J. Best now states my credit history isn't long enough.

Well folks, That may be true, however, It's just as good as it was when I was approved. Not to mention, because I want the vehicle so very badly I was even willing to pay the 10% apr!!! simply because I understand the purpose of "Risk Based Pricing" and how it relates to my Interest Rates.

To put it simply J.J Best Banc & Co. will do nothing but set you up for failure and have set the standard in screwing people even before they become customers.

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Thanks you for the heads up I was just looking to apply with them for a 65,000$ loan with perfect credit rating of 780 and over 10 years of that credit rating I will NOT be using them as I would rather do business with an upstanding company.

And I Thank you for letting us know of shady companies.

Sincerely NJO III

Biggers, Arkansas, United States #933898

Terrible I have a 800 credit score.Was going to pUT 15% down on classic car.

Like maybe finance 15 grand. Denied. ***. I called usaa got a loan nothing down and 12 hour turnover.

Jj banc sucks and they are really rude.

Would nor recommend.


jj best would like to answer this customer by saying that in this day and age information is instantaneous and the credit bureaus have a constant flow of data which add and subtracts from you credit profile that is why mortgage companies pull your credit again on the day of funding

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #677371

From my experience with JJ Best the isnpection you speak of is their collateral verification...They explained to me that this is simply a vin check and they do not gaurantee merchantability of the vehicle.Valuing the car is the job of the buyer.

They simply will grant you a loan if you qualify and providing the funds is their sole responsibility.

The costs and liability that comes with appraising a car for every loan they write would be astronomical.You should really know what your buying prior to the purchase.


i applied for a loan just two weeks ago. i keep calling and every time i call they ask for my information and that they will call me back

WHAT IS GOING ON??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


I applied for a loan in anticipation of purchasing a vehicle, which was approved.In the mean time I was able to go a different route and use my credit union, at a much lower rate 3.59%, so needless to say I decided to go with the CU.

I have both emailed and phoned them of this fact, that I would not be using their service and to take me off all their mailing lists. This has all proven ineffective to date. To top it off, today I even received a phone call from Peterson Law Firm trying to sell me insurance for the vehicle I purchased.

By the way 508 991 8100, in New Bedford, MA, is the same phone number for JJ Best and Peterson Law Firm.These guys are a pain in the Butt.


:( :( JJBEST has declined me for ten years for hotrods & classic cars. of course... Ive had 6 or 7 New cars in that timeframe...; THERE IS A PROBLEM WTHEM!!!!!


I just got a loan with JJ Best 2 weeks ago, applied on Sat, followed all the instructions, had the check Thursday morning. Totally painless process. 8% interest on a 6 year old car, not horrible.


How could you post information on his loan. That seems like its against the law.


I personally have just had nothing but an excellent experience with JJ Best, thanks again to Jo Ann. You have to remember this business provides a service that your typical lending institution won't touch (loan on an older vehicle with no collateral ) at a decent interest rate 8.9.

Al Jones


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