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ON APRIL 4TH. 2016 I GOT AN EMAIL FORM J.J BANC & CO. IN WHICH I READ: (COPY+PASTE) Dear Saul , Congratulations on your loan approval, my name is Graham Berry and I am your loan officer and I wanted to introduce myself. Based on the information that you have provided we have Approved your J.J. BEST BANC & Co. Loan Application. Please print the attached pdf contract, your password to open them is the last four digits of your social security... Read more

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Everything went well. At first. Approved for the loan, got the check, paid the seller. JJB was told that WA has electronic titles, not paper ones. They said that it was ok since they knew the car had a title and that everything would work out. Still waiting after 6-7?weeks to hear that the sellers bank initiated the paper title to send to them. I asked the rep at JJB if anyone from his company had actually called the sellers bank and he said no.... Read more

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Don't be fooled by the ads, "good credit"? you will need a score well above 700 and little if any activity that is deemed negative to gain approval from this lender. Maybe they've been burned too many times by "car auction dreamer guy" who can't keep up the payments on that big block Chevelle after all? I would think most people who need to borrow the money to buy a collector/hobby car have no problem with an extra 1 or even 2 points on the... Read more

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Stay away from this company they are a bunch of scam artists and will bs and lie to you about actual rates and terms after making you jump thru multiple hoops for weeks then do the old bait and switch to hit you with a high interest rate after being pre approved with a low rate which is all a scam STAY AWAY !! Read more

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after applying for a pre approval on a small amount, I was notified by my credit monitoring company that my credit report had an inquiry. I was expecting some reply from jj best. I received non. No email, no call, nothing in writing. Consumer credit laws require a lender to notify the applicant of their acceptance or denial and reasons for any denial. If this company can ignore the law, I want nothing to do with them. What other rules do... Read more

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hi I recently applied for a loan my name is Eduardo Gutierrez I want jj best to contact me but no Matt the loan officer don't like his attitude Read more

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I entered into a contract to purchase a 70's Buick from a dealer affiliated with JJ- I put down an initial 10% on a credit card, then wanted to add cash- that's where the C.F. started. After I paid an additional 30% by cashiers check, my loan ( which had already been approved ) came back "missing" almost exactly $1,000.00. I called JJ and spoke to "Lenny" who told me- "don't worry about it- just sign the papers and we'll fill in the amounts... Read more

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I tried to bid on a vehicle JJ Best are selling on Ebay but, because I live outside USA and JJ Best "didn't want to ship the vehicle to me" my bid couldn't be placed. I emailed them pointing out that I intended to collect the vehicle, but didn't get a response. I believe that the vehicle is just a hook intended to suck some poor sap into signing up a finance agreement and, as I live off-shore, they don't want to sign me up anyway. Pity, I... Read more

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After finding my perfect car the dealer contacted them for me to get a loan of $5000 since I put a large amount of $10,000 as a down payment. They said everything was great just had to sign the paper work and send it in. Well after sending the paperwork in 3 TIMES because the lady named JOANNE SANTOS said it wasn't good enough and information was missing. Let me tell you my husband and I have never done a loan so we don't know. We expected her... Read more

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I completed an online application and I got an automatic email that someone would be contacting me shortly regarding loan decision but that never happened. Instead I had to call 6 hours later to be told that my application was denied. According to Lenny (loan officer) their minimum credit score is 670 and my score was a 667. He told me the only way they could approve my application was if I gave 20% down. NO THANKS!!! Don't waste your time with... Read more

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